Just staying home

Sponge Bob is on TV.  No matter how many times I sit through the show with Angelo, I still don’t get it.  It makes me miss those days when cartoon shows made just a little bit more sense.   I grew up with Popeye the Sailor Man who I watched in black and white.  I didn’t quite know what spinach was except that it was that goo coming out from a can which he popped every time Brutus got the better of him and he suddenly had superstrength.  Of course in Manila, we had malunggay and talbos ng kamote.. even a daily dose of Popeye never quite got me into vegetables.

We’re just staying home today.  Sometimes that turns out to be more tiring for me because my day is denominated by meals cooked, break between cooking and then finishing chores.  I started several Art Journal pieces which I hope to finish later tonight, and while I’m still heavily into zentangle, I’m trying to do other things like do more crayons and maybe hopefully start painting.  It’s the day before the last day of February and it looks like I’ll be doing some of my 28 hearts in March.  I tried.  But I’m pretty happy with my Art Journaling output for the second month of the year.  I actually can’t wait to sign up for the March list.  (We sign up each month.)

Homework done.  Newly-washed clothes are waiting to be put away.  It’s time to start thinking about dinner.  This is why I like that I don’t like being home all day on a weekend.  There just end up to be more chores than normal — than if we had left the house sometime midday for our usual lunch outside and to do our usual errands.  We actually did that already yesterday, but I welcome not being pressured to make the most of the hours left before the week begins again when we choose to stay home..

Another week begins.  I’m actually looking forward to it.