Zentangle me a shop sign

GothamChick ZentangleI’m participating in a craft fair come April upon the invitation of one of my friends at work.  Well, of course that depends if I don’t get my check back because there’s an application process.  Meanwhile, I’m going ahead preparing a unique sign spelling GOTHAMCHICK out and zentangling around the letter which I have put on a 5×8 unlined index card.  I’d have put “T” here but I have a teeny-tiny corner that has yet to be drawn in so I didn’t take a picture of it.

Although this appears in my Flickr set for Art Journal Every Day, I haven’t really had the chance to create anything this month except for these.  =(  I will try and make up for it towards the end of the month.  It’s just that between creating more pieces preparing for the fair, work and life in general, there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

I think it’ll look great once all the letters are done.  I am hoping to mount it on corrugated box sheets for “matting” and then perhaps “tie” or “string” them together.  I didn’t see any sense in spending for a signage when it was a simple school craft fair only.  Besides, the zentangling continues to be a very effective destresser.

I have momentarily given up on creating patterned zentangles because it was taking too much effort and having to draw with rules was taking the fun out of  it.  I didn’t quite feel the “zen” coming, so I let go.

This one, though, works for me.  I’ve been going through the letters and doing bits and pieces as I move forward, but I work on the letters “together” being mindful of the patterns of the letters before and after.  I wish I could draw smaller patterns, but then it takes more effort to do it and again, it takes the fun out of creating a whole.

So let me go back to zentangling me a shop sign..

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Thoughts at 2AM

I wish there were more hours at night and work wasn’t a few hours away so I can keep creating and just stay up.  But an almost 45 year old woman needs some sleep.  Still, I couldn’t resist logging on even if only for 5 minutes because I seem to get the strongest urge to write here just before I call it a night.  (This even if logging on takes around 5 minutes with all the security embedded in m laptop.)

I’m lying next to the little tyke who is deep in la-la land.  We had a little tiff tonight as we argued over bath time.  No, he likes taking a bath, but it’s because he prefers a bubble bath and I am trying to rush through a shower because it’s bed time..  we made peace and we’re fine.

I was up because I was trying to get my bracelets finished.  I have around a dozen and I have to survey the components/findings I need to complete the different pieces.  So am I all set for the craft fair?  Not quite yet.

By the way, thanks, Lou, for the well wishes.  Let’s hope it stays sunny.

I’ve been happy with two new sales and all I can say is, more, more, more.. And my bed beckons.. so gotta go!

Craft fair

I love going to craft fairs because it just brings out the child in me. It’s like going to the carnival — you can’t wait to sample the goodies and the treats.

This time around, I’ve been invited to participate in a craft fair by one of the ladies at work who believes that I can actually sell something there. I was rather ambivalent about the decision to jump in on the whole thing, but I decided it was as good a time as any to try and showcase my wares while at the same time trying to do some good.

So it’s mid-April and I have time. I’ve been trying to find ways and means not to incur more expenses except for those occasioned by creating more items to sell. I don’t want to spend on incidentals, so I’ve been trying to plan how I can come up with (1) a signage, (2) packaging, (3) display, (4) how much change I should bring.

I have quite a hefty inventory at the moment which means I just need to maximize the opportunity to sell by actually adding more stocks. That much is taken cared of, but I have to think about my “set up”. I felt bad that I couldn’t submit a photo of my set up because I have never participated in a craft fair or bazaar. A bright idea hit me sometime last week and I’ve decided to do something that combines my current doodling passion: zentangling, or what I try to pass of as just that.

It took me a while to make up my mind about how big or how small it will be, but I know that I will create the letters on separate sheets and then either string them together or mount them on a single signage. I’ve settled on doing the letters on individual sheets of unlined 5″ x 8″ index cards, and rendered in black on white. Simple enough. It will allow me to get my signage ready which continuing to indulge in one of my new favorite de-stressers which is freehand doodling.

Packaging is another thing I must decide on in the next day or two. My current packaging makes use of handmade boxes I craft along the way. While I do have a few on hand, I am thinking if it would work better for me to buy them either at the dollar store or at my crafts supplies wholesaler. As for the actual paper bag, I know I will definitely grab some of the older rolls of wrapping paper in my attic and create them.

Displaying my wares is a little trickier, given that this is my first attempt at attending a craft fair. It would have been great to be able to create my own standees but I can only succeed as far as the necklace standees are concerned. Displaying the earrings and bracelets in a professional way will need an actual showcase. Fortunately for me, I have access to my wholesaler who sells these items dirt cheap. I am not going overboard though and have decided to keep things rather simple. After all, it’s not like I’m carrying a truckload of items for sale. So other than one bust for the necklaces, I’m still making the rest by hand.

Change? I have no idea about how big this craft fair will be, but I’m thinking I’ll need a hefty bundle of singles and fives. Most of my items are priced under $20, so I should be good with a hundred or two in change. A bright idea hit me, though, to offer to accept Paypal, which can be a way to entice buyers to buy more if they are willing to log into their account and pay me electronically. I have Paypal on my blackberry and I can bring a laptop with my wireless card. That’s a thought.

I’m actually excited.. it’s not something I’m looking to doing regularly but it’s a good way to move my merchandise and also to be in a different market. I guess I’ve made up my mind. I even told Alan that as far as Spring break planning goes, we’d have to leave on Sunday (IF we are leaving at all) as I’m participating at this craft fair. I think he thinks I want to visit a craft fair — and not participate in one.

I’ll give more details closer to the date, but here’s to GothamChick in the craft fair! (Wish me luck!)

Monday and then some…

I’ve been trying to create my first Art Journal Every Day entry for the month of March all morning — to no avail. So I finally gave up after ruining several drafts pieces and decided my hand was too unsteady and my mind too fickle at this point to keep trying, and I put my pen down.

Not that I’ve been zero on the creativity front. I actually created several earring drops last night, but I had to postpone attaching them to earwires until tonight because I had to “undo” a few pairs. But I’m quite happy with what I came up with, and I must say I can’t make up my mind as to which ones to sell and to keep for myself. (Ha! The benefits of being able to create one’s own accessories.)

I recently finished the first book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, The Hunger Games and I have to admit I’m hooked, and eagerly trying to ready on to get through all three. I didn’t even know about this series until my goddaughter Eeya told me about it as I tried to probe her if she read and what kind of literature she is into, etc. I had my own ulterior motives for asking (which I cannot reveal here because she takes a peek into Ninang’s blog from time-to-time), but she told me about trying to get her hand on a copy of the third installment of the Trilogy, Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games).

So I went to Amazon and got the trilogy for Kindle , and now I feel as though we are reading together.  I just started the second book in the series, Catching Fire and just when I thought it couldn’t stir up any more excitement, it does as a new element of the story is introduced.  (Okay, no spoilers here.)  I’m just happy to be back into reading again, and as Eeya said, although she hasn’t had the time to go back and get to the third installment, she figures by the time I start, she will be reading it, too.

Surprise of surprises!

I haven’t really had the chance to seriously sit down and post but the first thing I usually see are the comments that have come in between posts.  Although I get an e-mail alert when one comes in, I don’t really get the chance to pore through them and see which ones are spam and which ones are actually legitimate.

Today I was totally blown away to find my Art Journal Every Day guru and artist idol and total source for happy thoughts, Julie Fei Fan Balzer had actually stopped by to write a comment here ON MY BLOG..

{pausing to enjoy the moment}

I am truly humbled. I was going to use the subheading font size but figured it didn’t look quite humble as if I were screaming although that is what I am figuratively doing.  Just about the kind of push one needs when all the attempts for the day ended up in the trash can… I will be scribbling in the car, I am almost sure. LOL.  Thank you, Julie. And thank you, too, for the recognition, as I found my work getting special mention in your blog.  Me?  On Julie’s Blog????? For someone “just giving it a try”, I feel this is a very touching affirmation I should keep trying. (HA!)

Time to calm down now.  Back to earth for me.