Craft fair

I love going to craft fairs because it just brings out the child in me. It’s like going to the carnival — you can’t wait to sample the goodies and the treats.

This time around, I’ve been invited to participate in a craft fair by one of the ladies at work who believes that I can actually sell something there. I was rather ambivalent about the decision to jump in on the whole thing, but I decided it was as good a time as any to try and showcase my wares while at the same time trying to do some good.

So it’s mid-April and I have time. I’ve been trying to find ways and means not to incur more expenses except for those occasioned by creating more items to sell. I don’t want to spend on incidentals, so I’ve been trying to plan how I can come up with (1) a signage, (2) packaging, (3) display, (4) how much change I should bring.

I have quite a hefty inventory at the moment which means I just need to maximize the opportunity to sell by actually adding more stocks. That much is taken cared of, but I have to think about my “set up”. I felt bad that I couldn’t submit a photo of my set up because I have never participated in a craft fair or bazaar. A bright idea hit me sometime last week and I’ve decided to do something that combines my current doodling passion: zentangling, or what I try to pass of as just that.

It took me a while to make up my mind about how big or how small it will be, but I know that I will create the letters on separate sheets and then either string them together or mount them on a single signage. I’ve settled on doing the letters on individual sheets of unlined 5″ x 8″ index cards, and rendered in black on white. Simple enough. It will allow me to get my signage ready which continuing to indulge in one of my new favorite de-stressers which is freehand doodling.

Packaging is another thing I must decide on in the next day or two. My current packaging makes use of handmade boxes I craft along the way. While I do have a few on hand, I am thinking if it would work better for me to buy them either at the dollar store or at my crafts supplies wholesaler. As for the actual paper bag, I know I will definitely grab some of the older rolls of wrapping paper in my attic and create them.

Displaying my wares is a little trickier, given that this is my first attempt at attending a craft fair. It would have been great to be able to create my own standees but I can only succeed as far as the necklace standees are concerned. Displaying the earrings and bracelets in a professional way will need an actual showcase. Fortunately for me, I have access to my wholesaler who sells these items dirt cheap. I am not going overboard though and have decided to keep things rather simple. After all, it’s not like I’m carrying a truckload of items for sale. So other than one bust for the necklaces, I’m still making the rest by hand.

Change? I have no idea about how big this craft fair will be, but I’m thinking I’ll need a hefty bundle of singles and fives. Most of my items are priced under $20, so I should be good with a hundred or two in change. A bright idea hit me, though, to offer to accept Paypal, which can be a way to entice buyers to buy more if they are willing to log into their account and pay me electronically. I have Paypal on my blackberry and I can bring a laptop with my wireless card. That’s a thought.

I’m actually excited.. it’s not something I’m looking to doing regularly but it’s a good way to move my merchandise and also to be in a different market. I guess I’ve made up my mind. I even told Alan that as far as Spring break planning goes, we’d have to leave on Sunday (IF we are leaving at all) as I’m participating at this craft fair. I think he thinks I want to visit a craft fair — and not participate in one.

I’ll give more details closer to the date, but here’s to GothamChick in the craft fair! (Wish me luck!)


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