Thoughts at 2AM

I wish there were more hours at night and work wasn’t a few hours away so I can keep creating and just stay up.  But an almost 45 year old woman needs some sleep.  Still, I couldn’t resist logging on even if only for 5 minutes because I seem to get the strongest urge to write here just before I call it a night.  (This even if logging on takes around 5 minutes with all the security embedded in m laptop.)

I’m lying next to the little tyke who is deep in la-la land.  We had a little tiff tonight as we argued over bath time.  No, he likes taking a bath, but it’s because he prefers a bubble bath and I am trying to rush through a shower because it’s bed time..  we made peace and we’re fine.

I was up because I was trying to get my bracelets finished.  I have around a dozen and I have to survey the components/findings I need to complete the different pieces.  So am I all set for the craft fair?  Not quite yet.

By the way, thanks, Lou, for the well wishes.  Let’s hope it stays sunny.

I’ve been happy with two new sales and all I can say is, more, more, more.. And my bed beckons.. so gotta go!


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