Zentangle me a shop sign

GothamChick ZentangleI’m participating in a craft fair come April upon the invitation of one of my friends at work.  Well, of course that depends if I don’t get my check back because there’s an application process.  Meanwhile, I’m going ahead preparing a unique sign spelling GOTHAMCHICK out and zentangling around the letter which I have put on a 5×8 unlined index card.  I’d have put “T” here but I have a teeny-tiny corner that has yet to be drawn in so I didn’t take a picture of it.

Although this appears in my Flickr set for Art Journal Every Day, I haven’t really had the chance to create anything this month except for these.  =(  I will try and make up for it towards the end of the month.  It’s just that between creating more pieces preparing for the fair, work and life in general, there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

I think it’ll look great once all the letters are done.  I am hoping to mount it on corrugated box sheets for “matting” and then perhaps “tie” or “string” them together.  I didn’t see any sense in spending for a signage when it was a simple school craft fair only.  Besides, the zentangling continues to be a very effective destresser.

I have momentarily given up on creating patterned zentangles because it was taking too much effort and having to draw with rules was taking the fun out of  it.  I didn’t quite feel the “zen” coming, so I let go.

This one, though, works for me.  I’ve been going through the letters and doing bits and pieces as I move forward, but I work on the letters “together” being mindful of the patterns of the letters before and after.  I wish I could draw smaller patterns, but then it takes more effort to do it and again, it takes the fun out of creating a whole.

So let me go back to zentangling me a shop sign..

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