My Art Journal – Finally!

I know I resisted the idea of having an actual journal or book for my “Art Journal Every Day” project.  I don’t know if it was all the pent up emotion over the weekend or emotional exhaustion or both that led me to finally decide I was going to convert this ordinary composition notebook into a workable art journal.

The biggest problem had always been the paper — too thin.  Taking the cue from other posts and interaction with fellow journalers, I pasted thicker paper as a “work surface”, using the lined sheets instead as a “skeleton” or “base” for my work.  Ta-da!  The two graphics below are still a work in progress.  My cover is practically more than halfway through, and the first entry is, well — uhm — getting there.  I have already “gesso’ed” the next spread, but I haven’t had the chance to do the backgroun I was hope to start — so either I get to do that tonight, or I gesso the next spread.  In the meantime, I try to add more pages as the days go by.  It is turning out to be quite a thick book.

As my first entry says: Today, the JOURNEY begins…

Art journaling for me is indeed a journey as I find myself exploring new ways and means of expression.  I have also started to look at other forms of art, trying to find out how best to work with acrylic and even just crayons.  I find it very relaxing to do repetitive strokes, so actually work on a piece and see it finished later.

Although I will reiterate that I don’t consider myself an Artist in the true sense of the word, I’d like to believe that there is an artist in each of us waiting to come up.  I’m just nudging mine out little by little, page by page, here in my Art Journal.


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