New Items up at GothamChick.Etsy.Com

While I am congratulating myself for having successfully beefed up my stocks for the craft fair I participated in two Saturdays ago, I am now in a serious backlog as far as posting the items up for sale in the Etsy shop.

The good news is, I managed to add quite a few pieces today.  (Pictures with links posted below.)

Carnelian Bouquet Earrings Chalk Turquoise Cross and Matte Silver Drop Earrings

Olivine Antique Brass Dangling Earrings

I actually have a ton of other things to put up in the shop but there’s the business of taking pictures, doing the write ups (which means measuring and getting accurate descriptions) and then figuring out pricing.  At least I can say I’ve gotten down to a more subjective but faster way of arriving at a price per piece, unlike before when I used to go back to images or records of how much the raw materials were purchased and then I would calculate how much each piece actually cost.  Not anymore.  I still look at the approximate cost per piece but no longer rely on actual computations.  Then I look at the piece as a whole and figure out a good profit margin which would not shortchange me as the artist, nor the buyer as the one forking out the cash to purchase my wares.

A few nights ago, I managed to put up my Domino Pendants and although four designs were initially posted, I made my first sale (!) today which leaves three in the shop.  My personal favorite, of course, is the one of “The Laughing Christ”, and I’m proud to showcase my original art of zentangled initials/monograms.

Zentangled T Monogram - Domino Pendant with Chain The Laughing Christ - Domino Pendant with Chain The Laughing Christ - Domino Pendant with Chain

My first sale was for my “A” — as I only have the letters that make up GOTHAMCHICK in the inventory, and not all of them have been rendered on domino pendants.  My first sale disproves the hubby’s unbelief in the selling power of domino pendants.

Also up are my turquoise cross pendants (graphic to follow) which have gotten a lot of oohs and ahs at the Craft Fair but which, unexpectedly, didn’t sell.  I’ve received the same compliments when I wore one, so I’m trying to see how it will go in the shop.

These days, my nights are spent inventorying what’s on hand and what’s posted in the shop.  I’ve also started stocking the earrings on earring cards (handmade, of course!) and making sure the earrings are secured by comfort clutches which I know the buyers will appreciate.

So goes my continuing attempts at keeping my store alive…

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