A Plumber, I am not

I’m in the midst of a plumbing crisis as my own attempts at unclogging my kitchen sink seems to have just aggravated the problem.  I admitted defeat this morning and called our maintenance guys to come rescue me.  Come, they did, and they got the sink unclogged and I signed off on the work, only to discover later that the pipes have been compromised (leaking!), and their “snake” might’ve cause the clog to transfer to the bathroom sink which is just on the other side of the wall.

My half day off from work is now a full day off which is not something I am too happy about but which I am sure the tyke will rejoice over when he gets home later this afternoon.  I have been trying to just enjoy the day instead of stressing out over working from home since I did declare a day off.  I’ve been getting my fill of the royal wedding as well which, I must say, is a lovely way to end the week.  Sun outside, lovely day — and seeing Prince William and his new Princess saying “I do” makes one very hopeful.  In the midst of all the craziness of this world, there is still much to smile about. =)

The plumber has finally returned.  It’s 11:34.  Even if he finished in 10 mins, I won’t be able to make it in time for a 1pm start as I still have to get myself ready.  Again, why stress myself?  So I called my “reliever” and asked her to cover my spot and I will just try to make the most of my Friday.

The past few days have been very stressful and emotionally draining.  I guess that’s the reason why I went back to doing my “Art Journal Every Day” (which I left in the office thinking I would bring it home today).   Meanwhile, I’m a “Mom in panic mode” as I am trying to organize Angelo’s 7th birthday party next week.  (He turns 7 on Sunday, the 8th which, being Mother’s Day, made us decide on having the party on May 7, the day before.)  Nothing big — we’re having a play date in McDonald’s.  It was Angelo’s choice and despite offers of other places, he had made up his mind about it and was not about to be swayed.

I am also happy that he agreed not to have cake or cupcakes in class the Friday before — probably because he doesn’t like cake and he doesn’t like cupcakes either.  We settled on a compromise and he agreed to just give away coloring books and my domino pendant with an appropriate graphic instead of what I sell in the shop.  I was busy trying to figure out giveaways for the birthday party but he smugly reminded me his guests were getting happy meals so that should be good enough. (The voice of reason!)

Mr. Plumber came back a second time — at first he gave me a flustered look and asked me what happened now as he made his way up the stairs.  Upon closer inspection, I guess he realized it was nothing I did — the sink needs repair, so be it.  He will need to finish this and look at the bathroom sink next.  My hope is that he does the job without further aggravating any pipes or connections.

The plumbing is working again and I’m beginning the weekend without fear of clogged drains.  Yesterday I took this gorgeous picture of one of three trees in my courtyard.   Gorgeous!  The thing is that this particular composition is only good for 24 hours.  Already, the petals have shed and the color is not quite as vibrant a pink.  Precious..

I remember how last year I had postponed taking pictures, rushing and passing it by day after day until I just realized I had missed capturing its beauty.  So this year, I promised I’d take the time, even if I am rushing to join Alan in the car or as I rush to the bus stop to try and be on schedule.


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