Art Journal Every Day: Today, The Journey Begins…

It was not easy to start again but here is my first finished layout (finally photographed!) as I begin my Art Journal Every Day journey in an ACTUAL journal.  I know I had long resisted the idea to do it, but here it is.  I am excitedly working on three layouts right now — and while it would be great to finish one and move on to the next, I’ve come to discover that it isn’t quite that easy when you cannot be art journaling full time.  Besides, it helps to have the journal to whip out in a busy hotel lobby as I wait for Alan to get off work.  Or when the inspiration hits me during my lunch break, I can just open it and close it discreetly when it’s time to work again.  So it can be done indeed!

I feel as though I’m doing more mistakes than I’m doing things right, but I think that that is all part of the process.  The frustration and the creativity required to work around mistakes is good therapy for artist-wannabes like me, and I am already excitedly thinking about future layouts.

I am also learning about the surface/texture I work with, and want to experiment with other methods or ways besides collage or just plain and simple scrapbooking.  I’ve put gesso on one layout but find that raw paper might be better for me since I work a lot with pens and markers.

It is so inspiring, though, to work on paper that’s been laid out with a watercolor background like the layout I am trying to finish below.  While there were some mistakes like when I made watercolor circles and then I tried to dilute them by brushing over them — resulting instead in almost totally blotting them out.  Still, I can live with the finished product and have pasted snippets of actual photos I took, a jorunaling entry, and of course, zentangled borders.  (I just can’t help it!)

Work in Progrss

However, between gesso-prepped paper and plain paper that’s been pasted onto my composition notebook, I’m finding that the plain paper that’s been watercolored on is easier for me to work with.  I guess it might also be part of my learning process.

I am excitedly trying to figure out how best to use watercolor pencils, my pastel (craypass) pens and a very elementary set of acrylics — and I am enjoying myself immensely in the process.  For now I think I’ll be doing more watercolor backgrounds.  Indeed, the journey has begun…

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