Just before hitting the sack

I am tapping away here on the company ipad in the dark as I try to take the tyke to lala land. I have not been too good enforcing bedtime curfews, but I try. Father and son usually get one over me sneaking in some last minute sword fighting which means double the effort to get them out of bed the next morning. Time to put my foot down.

So I gamely said yes when the boy said he preferred to be tucked in by me. Forget that I had meant to sit down and work on modifying a design I’ve been toying around with for this bracelet I am dying to put up for sale in the shop… I kind of like the way I keep finding new ways and means to improve it, so I am not trying to rush the creative process.

My days have been rather eventful the past couple of weeks, and I have tried to seek solace in the things I find pleasure in. I am trying to keep going with Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” which is progressing rather well. My art journal is a constant companion even if it means sneaking in a few pen strokes here and there. I have resisted the urge to abandon layouts but I have succumbed at least twice now. I am trying to be more forgiving of my own mistakes, reminding myself that I am not really an artist. I am just trying to express myself, so who cares if my work looks so childlike?

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