Just as I am about ready to call it a day…

..I get the urge to log on and attempt a ten-minute post.

My time to blog these days seems to  be continually with a time limit.  Makes me think that I’m trying too hard — or on the other hand, I’m just being vigilant.  So many “bloggable” thoughts cross my mind in the midst of washing the dishes, preparing tomorrow’s coffee brew, or even as I walk the last few steps to my doorstep.  I find something blog-worthy as the tyke puts his arms around me.

So I am about ready to turn in and here I am.  I can hear the boy snoring ever so lightly beneath the hum of the airconditioner.  It’s one hot night in New York.  Makes me think whatever antics my mother-in-law has been up to must have been partly brought on by the heat.

I finished an order for a bunch of tags I had posted on Paperkrafts for a set of round paper tags I could’ve sworn I had in stock but which I couldn’t find.  Solution: Just make a new batch.  It’s like a reminder for me to get the shop going, too.  I’ve actually been busy working on putting some pretty ballerinas from Degas’ masterpiece on upcycled manila folders.  I am also going to have to take advantage of the dry humidity to work on some paper projects like my paper baskets and picture frames.  Plans on the drawing board.

Time for me to turn in.  Goodnight, New York.