Muggy Friday in New York

The Empire State Building and the equally imposing Chrysler Building are both hiding beneath a thick cover of fog this muggy Friday in New York.  Describing the weather is a little tricky because we don’t have “mist” back in Manila.  But it is just that: a mist or a spray.  Not quite the type you’d pull an umbrella out for, but for the likes  me who starts sneezing at a drizzle, it can be quite a dilemma.  So I think I will stay indoors for lunch and go down to the cafeteria.

My weekend hasn’t officially begun and here I am whining I wish it could be longer.  Most mornings I wake up wishing I could linger in bed, then I come to grips with the reality that the boy has school and I have to get the whole gang going.  These days the coffeemaker has been given a rest thanks to an espresso machine that Alan received as a gift.  I actually enjoy it more than regular brewed coffee.  Makes me wish my mom, a coffee lover like Alan, was here so she could enjoy it, too.

I am getting more active in terms of posting in the shop again and hope to put in more items over the weekend.  Sales that have come in in the last couple of days have been encouraging and have stirred my creative juices to flow again.   Even creating packaging for the mail has me challenged, but I welcome them all!

Sadly, there are just not enough hours in a day and I usually succumb to fatigue before I can even get half of what I wanted to do done.   Thinking about it now, I can’t help but wonder if my sense of frustration flows from the fact that I am putting too much on my plate.  List too long?  I think I have to simplify it to one doable task that will make me feel like I did accomplish something.

Oops, minutes ticking by and my super express bus will be leaving it’s corner post soon.  Have to go and head home!  Later…

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