Experimenting my way through

The evenings have been busy creating, and it gets a tad bit frustrating when you sit for over an hour trying new designs or methods of assembling the raw beads and findings and still end up with nothing. But that’s how I learn. It tells me what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve been wearing this pretty raw quartz necklace which has been fetching compliments right and left. The thing is it’s “experimental” as I tell everyone, principally because I need to work on creating a “lighter” chain or cord necklace as the quartz focals are really weighty. But I love, love, love it — and so do at least 2 of my other girlfriends who have each asked me to make them one. (I might end up giving away each necklace I create instead of putting one in the shop!) I was in line getting my quesadillas at a food cart on the corner of 43rd and Avenue of the Americas when the lady who ordered after me told me casually that I had a pretty necklace. I’ve had this silly idea to carry smaller than business card size calling cards with my shop’s name and special code.

These beads called out to me one time I was at one of my favorite wholesalers here in Manhattan — and although I had gone there to fetch some pearls for a piece that I had to create to give to a friend as a gift, I came back to get two strands when I returned. These babies in the picture will be mine to keep — but I have enough stones to make at least 2 if not 3 necklaces with it.  But that’s a project for the Fourth of July weekend, perhaps.  I am not too happy with how I am looping the wire that holds these little rocks together — I need to practice.

Getting there, and just a crafter’s alert to those who love browsing M&J Trimming here on 6th Avenue and having a crazy time trying to decide which item to get (or not to get), they have an M&J Challenge 2 Giveaway at their blog  which requires nothing but for you to visit their M&J Challenge 2 page and leave a comment.  DRAWING IS FRIDAY!!! (July 1) .