Trying hard window sill gardening

I have a good friend here at work who gifted me with a chili plant seedling a few weeks ago.  Siling Labuyo as we call it in the vernacular.

It was around 4 inches tall and sprouting leaves in a cup of soil. Before the non-believers start protesting about how on earth am I going to do any gardening with everything on my plate, I am not being overly ambitious not only because of lack of space (specifically a garden to till), but because I haven’t had quite that much luck with plants. (Flashback to my calamansi plant that lasted me all of two years and then withered away and died 4 years ago.)

So for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been watering it ever so sparingly in the morning and in the evening, and then finally repotted it over the weekend. It has now doubled in size and from the looks of it is quite healthy and might survive longer than the calamansi plant.  It sits on my window sill along with the 6 blue wine bottles that have been home to my fortune tree stubs or as they call them here, bamboo plant.  The fortune plants are also thriving and showing signs of sprouting new growth.  So far so good.

It might be deemed pretty shallow by some but seeing these plants growing can give one quite a sense of accomplishment.  It’s just another simple reminder that life goes on and will continue to go on for as long as you take the time to nurture it.

For someone who lives in a small space like ours, potted gardening is all I can do.  I also repotted a flower shrub that never quite flowered but never died despite the obvious lack of soil because I kept it in its original clay pot as gifted to me by Angelo two Mother’s Day ago.  Talk about resilience!  It seems to be doing quite well in its new pot with ample soil around it now.  I am optimistic it will continue to grow and defy the odds and my lack of gardening smarts.

My Siling Labuyo Plant when I got it
... growing strong, two weeks later