Art Journal Every Day: An attempt at Artful Lettering

So as always, I took inspiration from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer who had featured Joanne Sharpe in a blogpost about Artful Lettering and had proceeded to do these two layouts in two days (!).

I must confess, too, that this is my first real attempt at doing watercolor painting with real watercolor (not just watercolor pencils).  It was an adjustment tempering the muted down colors once the colors lost themselves in the water, but I think I’m getting the hang of it and I am getting to like it.

I have been trying to find an apt translation for “maarte” but I’m stumped.  Any ideas?  I was nervous with my color combinations and everything was pretty spontaneous.

For the second layout, I used a picture of my tyke with his brand new Smurf, Brainy, when he and I spent the day together  here at work. Taking Joanne Sharpe’s advice, I stuck to my handwriting and added a few swirls here and there which I really, really liked.  I tried to do something “extra” in the layout featuring Angelo by attempting to do white stamping of leaves over the layout to “cover up” my attempts at drawing swirls.

I have come to look forward to my art journal entries and I keep leafing through my journal which has a very limited number of entries.  At least I know that I’m moving on with the project instead of just leaving that stewing somewhere in the backburner.

More importantly, I’m just so touched that Julie has taken the time to comment as she said she bloghopped from participant to participant in last year’s Art Journal Every Day signup.  (We sign up every month..)

So  between the polymer clay research, experimenting and the once-in-a-while attempt to come up with something worthy of posting in my Etsy shop, I’m getting good at multi-tasking. =)

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