Pencils and those other things that bring me back to National Bookstore

 So I spent the better part of my lunch hour sharpening pencils here at my desk for the little tyke.  How come I don’t remember sharpening pencils with a manual sharpener to be so hard?  Hence the resort to electronic devices to yes, sharpen my pencils.  I had some more last minute pieces to add, so I stopped by Staples (our version of the school supply end of National Bookstore) before going to work this morning.  It was the first day of school.. yay!  Another year has begun.

Meanwhile, Angelo was very excited going to school with his school supplies, his new backpack, wearing his new shoes.  His new shoes were purchased not because it’s the start of the schoolyear but rather because he walks in a certain fashion that wears out his soles beyond repair.  With the rains and all, it was the only alternative we had.

I had asked permission to come in late today thinking there would be the mandatory orientation in class, but after finding Angelo’s room number and depositing him in the designated area in the school auditorium, the parents were all shooed away and told to leave.  Of course the pre-k and kindergarten moms were given leave to stay because of a separate parent orientation, but us second-grade moms were told to go.  So off to work I went.

I like the start of the school year because it signals a new beginning.  I remember my own school openings.  I liked shopping for the school supplies and new shoes.. getting a new school bag and sometimes, a lunch bag.  (There were years I was a lunch boarder as they called it in my school, so no need to bring food.)

Why don’t they have Corona here?  The quality of paper they made is so hard to find hear despite the equally varied choice of products available.  I’ll make do with Staples.. just that we can’t find the greeting cards, school and office supplies and books in one store — you have to do the rounds to get all three instead of the convenience of getting it all back home. =(  I’m just homesick again.  (Yes, believe it or not, shopping for school supplies does that to me..)

Well, time to go home and look at the second list from the homeroom teacher.  Angelo warned me there were a lot of letters.  More purchases in the horizon…


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