Work in Progress not quite progressing

I’ve had these layouts since our trip to Orlando week of August 20, and while I’ve had them in my tote since, I have barely progressed beyond the initial concept.  I don’t even have any for the one on the far left which, for now, is just background paper.

After signing up for another month of Art Journal Every Day for this September, I’m trying to get started with this backlog so I can “catch up”.  Again there is the dilemma of just not having enough hours in a day.  I am hoping that I can do a few strokes here and there — maybe a heart every now and then and hopefully get these three layouts done before the week is done.  I feel like it’s almost useless lugging around my watercolor set in the tote as well, given that my days have been very busy of late.

I’m trying to stick to my original plan to have my work go around a single word and then work around it.  “Fun” is just a start although I already know what I want to put down for that.  I can think of other words I want to do a layout around but I don’t want to start something now and leave these three hanging.  So it will have to wait.

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