Take Care of You

I am not sure I’ve posted anything about this just yet because this card has been sitting in my art folder for a couple of months now.  It’s the first of three that I had rendered in ink first and then photocopied onto duplicates, and decorated and painted over in different fashions.  The photocopies made it easier to paint over as there was no fear of the original black ink bleeding.  For this version, it’s all just watercolor over the wordart.

It’s the first of the series of three that is finally making its way to the post office, and I didn’t post the other two because they are still “works in progress”.  (I have a bunch of those..)  I have been remiss with my notes and letters to home, but I’m hoping to catch up again.

No matter how quick technology helps us connect, it is still lacking in terms of giving you the warm and fuzzy  feeling that holding and reading a letter or a card gives when you take one out of its envelope.  This is something the younger generation will be missing in this electronic age.

Now on its way to you…

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