Embracing Fall

It’s officially Saturday, minutes after midnight.  I didn’t get to do much this Friday evening, choosing instead to tuck Angelo in and read him a story.  Then I let him sleep soundly with his head resting on my arm.  Bliss.

I just re-uploaded one of Angelo’s older videos which I put together after his first trip to Disney MGM (now known as Disney Hollywood Studios) way back in 2007.  Seeing him all grown up now at 7 years old in comparison to that toddler is such a revelation.

I’ve started this flower collage I’m creating using some colorful pages from an industry publication we get at work.  (Such artwork laid to waste considering it mostly ends up in the recycling bin.)  Call it my annual homage to fall.  I’ve decided to use it as my graphic for the next posts until it is completed and I complete the card I hope to make with it.

I’m using different sheets per layer, super-imposing the top layer on the page and drawing around it.  I am now on the next layer, drawing it zentangling style.

I hope that the weather improves enough in the coming days to afford me a chance to photograph the colors of fall like I did in 2008 and 2009.  My camera is falling apart and is making me seriously consider purchasing a similar point-and-shoot SLR-like (but not quite SLR) digital cam, but I’m sort of attached to all the memories this camera has captured for me.  Besides, it’s one of those “nice-to-have-but-can-do-without” kind of things, so I am going to take a lot of convincing to get a new cam.

I put my pliers down and gave it a rest tonight, although I’m raring to create more pieces even if one pair of earrings last night took me the good part of what was left of my evening.  I’m quite happy with the result, just that it took forever.   I’m in no hurry.  I liked what I created last night so much I will be creating a second pair to keep for myself. =)

Sales at the shop (gothamchick.etsy.com) have been pretty slow.  I should be drumming up sales considering it’s my second year anniversary being on Etsy, but I’ve been very busy at work.

It’s our second anniversary, and if you “LIKE” our page, you’ll be entered to win an I HEART NY shirt in your size.. come on over!


I seem to be thinking in terms of boxes these days. Boxed thoughts, that is. I’d find myself starting a post in my head and ending it right there. It’s like one “headline” after another, but all encompassing. No need for stories. No need for explanations.

It might also be reflective of my current state of mind where things are just what they are. I am thinking it’s a sense of resignation — or perhaps a sense of helplessness, or on the other hand, perhaps it’s being calm in the midst of chaos.

CHANGE IS CONSTANT.  Go with the flow.  We just have to go with the flow and see where it takes us.

ANGELO’S LAUGHTER IS MY ELIXIR.  I love to tickle him because the innocence of purity of it is music to my ears.  I’m still trying to get him to drop the occasional baby talk because I so love the timbre of his voice.

IT WOULD BE SO GREAT TO PLAN MY DAY AROUND WHICH FINDINGS/SUPPLY STORE I WILL HANG OUT IN FOR THE DAY.  I always pass M&J Trimming with a longing look hoping to do just that.  Some day perhaps.

I NEED MY JOB.  (Self explanatory.)

I HAVEN’T BEEN PRAYING ENOUGH.  Not for want of things to be thankful for or to pray for, but my life has been on a different plane and I often have to remind myself there is that peace that can be had just by closing my eyes for a second and speaking with my heart.  And in relation to the one preceding this thought, I know it answers this particular “snippet” but it is not good when I sit down at my desk, take a moment to pray, then switch my system on.  When was the last time I did that?

The Angelo Report: My budding Film Maker

Would you believe that this particular clip of Angelo’s has picked up almost 17,000 hits over at his youtube channel: The Angelo Report?!  Even I was blown away by the popularity of the video considering it was made by a child on a very child-like topic.

It took a while for this fact to sink in with the boy who was not too concerned about views or hits, and was just having fun emulating his idols on YouTube by creating videos of his toys.  For my part, I have always tried to encourage him in anything he likes — and I am just so amazed at how this medium has given him a channel to express his creativity, and at the same time develop his self confidence.

Just like anything on the web, people are not always going to be pleased so while I am not too happy that it is not 100% as far as the “like” function is concerned, and there was a crude comment I pulled out, I am trying to get people to comment on the video because Angelo doesn’t care so much about the hits as the number of people commenting and rating his work.  It’s a seven year old doing his own thing — we have no pretensions of being a serious film maker.  He is probably thinking of being one eventually but for now, I’m just so thrilled to see him having fun doing it.

The three comments there are somehow strange in that the spelling and grammar is not even at par my with 7-year-old.  One comment referred to the racer who was the inspiration for one of the Cars (The Movie) character, which makes me think, people should stop a while and see what the video is about before thinking they know more than the filmmaker.   Another one was asking where Angelo is from (seeing he is Asian talking the way he talks) because she couldn’t place his “acsent” — and that wasn’t a typo.  The comment I took out was a crude comment in broken English about not liking his video.

I’m just being the defensive Mom, I know.. why can’t people just let the kid have fun?  Some people just don’t have anything better to do.  I remember the grief I went through when certain bloghoppers made a habit of trolling blogs they would attack with all these unsavory comments.  Why even bother?

Right now I am just so impressed by the way he’s coming out of his shell and thinking of new ways to showcase his videos.  We’re still trying to get him looking at the camera when he chooses to have himself as part of the shot — and he’s getting better at it.  I’m also trying to get him used to showing the object which is the subject of the video long enough for the viewer to see it — but if you look at his first video which we did last year and compare it with the other things he’s done, you’ll see my boy is growing up.

So if you have the time, please do stop by his channel on YouTube and leave a comment.. Even just hitting the “like” button will mean a lot.  He’s already looking at George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.. right now, other youtube filmmakers continue to inspire him..

Bye, bye, September!

Time just flies by… imagine, we’re now into October.

I have been very busy, yes, and have hardly had any time to do anything truly productive in the real sense of the word, although you cannot say that I haven’t done anything at all. Life and work just continue to interfere with my creative streak. But what can you do?

My Art Journal Every Day is still where it was a month ago. =( I’m not too happy about that, but again, nothing I can really do. Sad. I am just hoping that as the year comes to a close, I will get more time and opportunity to actually keep going and maybe make that the springboard for next year’s project. (I am not sure if Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s still going to do it, but I am making a commitment here and now to continue!)

With time creeping up on us like it is doing, I think what’s best is that I get started on the Christmas card design for this year pronto. I’ve been toying with an idea in my head but haven’t gone beyond sketching an outline. I guess I have to decide on color schemes and all. I want to do a mix of materials this year, so I am not confining myself to just doing a collage or photograph. (Hint: Zentangle and buttons?)

Zentangling again? Yes, indeed! I just finished this “R” monogram this week which was an order for one of my domino pendants. I’ve really been meaning to do all the letters of the alphabet beyond the letters spelling “GOTHAMCHICK” which I have already, but again, there just hasn’t been enough time. Besides using them on domino pendants, I’m thinking of creating gift tags or note cards.