Bye, bye, September!

Time just flies by… imagine, we’re now into October.

I have been very busy, yes, and have hardly had any time to do anything truly productive in the real sense of the word, although you cannot say that I haven’t done anything at all. Life and work just continue to interfere with my creative streak. But what can you do?

My Art Journal Every Day is still where it was a month ago. =( I’m not too happy about that, but again, nothing I can really do. Sad. I am just hoping that as the year comes to a close, I will get more time and opportunity to actually keep going and maybe make that the springboard for next year’s project. (I am not sure if Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s still going to do it, but I am making a commitment here and now to continue!)

With time creeping up on us like it is doing, I think what’s best is that I get started on the Christmas card design for this year pronto. I’ve been toying with an idea in my head but haven’t gone beyond sketching an outline. I guess I have to decide on color schemes and all. I want to do a mix of materials this year, so I am not confining myself to just doing a collage or photograph. (Hint: Zentangle and buttons?)

Zentangling again? Yes, indeed! I just finished this “R” monogram this week which was an order for one of my domino pendants. I’ve really been meaning to do all the letters of the alphabet beyond the letters spelling “GOTHAMCHICK” which I have already, but again, there just hasn’t been enough time. Besides using them on domino pendants, I’m thinking of creating gift tags or note cards.

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