I seem to be thinking in terms of boxes these days. Boxed thoughts, that is. I’d find myself starting a post in my head and ending it right there. It’s like one “headline” after another, but all encompassing. No need for stories. No need for explanations.

It might also be reflective of my current state of mind where things are just what they are. I am thinking it’s a sense of resignation — or perhaps a sense of helplessness, or on the other hand, perhaps it’s being calm in the midst of chaos.

CHANGE IS CONSTANT.  Go with the flow.  We just have to go with the flow and see where it takes us.

ANGELO’S LAUGHTER IS MY ELIXIR.  I love to tickle him because the innocence of purity of it is music to my ears.  I’m still trying to get him to drop the occasional baby talk because I so love the timbre of his voice.

IT WOULD BE SO GREAT TO PLAN MY DAY AROUND WHICH FINDINGS/SUPPLY STORE I WILL HANG OUT IN FOR THE DAY.  I always pass M&J Trimming with a longing look hoping to do just that.  Some day perhaps.

I NEED MY JOB.  (Self explanatory.)

I HAVEN’T BEEN PRAYING ENOUGH.  Not for want of things to be thankful for or to pray for, but my life has been on a different plane and I often have to remind myself there is that peace that can be had just by closing my eyes for a second and speaking with my heart.  And in relation to the one preceding this thought, I know it answers this particular “snippet” but it is not good when I sit down at my desk, take a moment to pray, then switch my system on.  When was the last time I did that?


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