Getting to the holidays

I am sending out my first Christmas card today.  It’s not quite my “official” card, but I am back to snail mail which I haven’t done in a while, so I thought I’d start off with a holiday card.  Even just the thought makes me smile.  The holidays always bring me happy thoughts. =)

My own holiday card is coming along quite nicely, and while it is nowhere near being finished, I’m getting there.  I am zentangling a Christmas tree with a smattering of lanterns in the background, “parol” style.  I haven’t quite decided on the message yet nor on the rendering of the message, but I do know I’m putting it inside the silhouette of the tree.  I think I will make my Thanksgiving week mail out as planned.

My balikbayan box left Monday, but with the non-committal time tables from the courrier, I have decided to hang on to the things I really need by Christmas and just bring them myself.  So the box was half full of halloween candy.  Target had them at more than 50% off over the weekend, and I haven’t even visited my neighborhood drugstores who usually put them on sale at up to 70% off after holidays like this.  The candy would’ve been a strain on my 50-lb per piece baggage  allowance, so the best alternative was really to ship it out.

I would’ve gone with my usual door-to-door carrier, Johnny Air Cargo, but even with a pick up first week of November, I couldn’t even get a “maybe” for Christmas delivery.  They were flat out telling me it’ll get to Manila after New Year’s.  My next option was Macro, but again they were non-commital.  I finally tried LBC who, unlike the others who gave a 30-45 day window, gave 40 days max for transit time.  When I spoke with them, they actually gave an allowance of plus 5-7 days given customs delay, but that still put me down squarely for the timeframe I was looking at.  Plus, I’m banking on their name and reputation, so I hope I am not off with my expectation that they have the infrastructure in place to meet their own timetable.

Let us wait and see.