It must be a new thing with me, reducing my blog post titles into single words.  I think it’s simpler, and it actually spurs the words to come out more fluidly.

I just celebrated my 11th Thanksgiving here in New York.  My 11th Thanksgiving ever — since we don’t celebrate it in Manila.  This year we kept it simple.  My boys are both non-turkey guys, so we opted for prime rib roast.  I have this recipe for “Fool proof Standing Rib Roast” by Paula Deen on which I’ve been going back to for the past 3 years for any similar occasion, and it has never failed me.  While I have experimented with the dry rub, the method of cooking has never failed me.  Perfect indeed!

So we sat around the dining table — Alan, Angelo, my mother-in-law and I, and straight from the mouth of babes came the question, “What are you thankful for, Mama?”  My answer was spontaneous — “You.”  He insisted upon hearing answers around the table and we indulged him.

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is officially over, here’s my random list of things I am thankgul for:

1. That I know how to relate to a God whom I can give thanks to for all the blessings in my life.

2. Everyone is in good health.

3. Like Alan said, that we both still have jobs and have a roof over our heads.

4. Laughter.  Alan and I still laugh together and we do that a lot.

5. Family that haas continued to hold me up.

6.  Friends that have stuck by our side through the good times and the bad times.

7. The means and the passion to do things that fulfill me beyond work and motherhood like my crafts and doodling.

8. The chance to go back to where “home” really is for me another time during the holidays.

To be continued..

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