I like Fridays for many reasons.

1. It’s the end of the week.

2. It’s the start of the weekend.

3. I don’t have to wake up early again until Sunday (when the tyke has religious ed.)

4. Fringe and Blue Bloods are on.

This week though, it’s more special because it’s closer to Monday and then Tuesday and then Wednesday.  (I am truly struggling with keeping my excitement at bay.)

I have been doing some house-cleaning here in the office, putting things away.  I almost feel like whistling while I work. LOL

Last night a teenager knocked on my door with a petition letter and a request for a donation.  While I believed in the cause (but don’t have the energy to devote space to it in this post), it wasn’t one that particularly moved me, more so after I got hit by a possible $60 (!) donation.  I ended up forking up $5, and of course the “receipt” was a printed out form which was — okay, fine — it was just $5.

Of course somewhere at the back of my mind, I was wondering if I was letting this kid get one over me — but “Ms. Benefit of the Doubt” personified that I am, I figured $5 wasn’t too bad an amount to let go.  Besides, the folks downstairs signed the petition and must’ve also forked up a donation.  (Although I am not too sure about that.)

Time to get going.. my weekend has begun!