Pandesal for Angelo

Angelo, my 7-year-old tyke, has taken a liking to pandesal.  Whether it’s the one from the neighborhood bakery or from Pan De Manila over at Ortigas, he’s taken a liking first to the inner portion and of late, the toasted crust.  He has enjoyed taking a tricycle during the mornings that we bought the day’s supply and I’m beginning to worry about how I will deal with his cravings once we are back in New York.

He eats it not just for breakfast but for merienda (snack) as well.  It’s such a thrill for me to see him acquire a taste for something local and yet ordinary like pandesal.  Of course we have our versions in New York, but it’s not quite the same.  It’s not as soft, chewy nor as delicious.  The real thing back here still beats their American versions.

He likes it so much that his “can’t-live-without” goldfish crackers have stayed untouched for the past week we’ve been home.  (And to think I brought a ton for baon.)

He’s also back to Nuggets with Rice at McDonald’s.  (Only in Manila!)

I wish he could imbibe the language quicker, though, although it seems he’s starting to pick up phrases faster.  Three weeks just is never enough..


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