The Road Home

This is one of two views that I see when I stand outside the home I grew up in.  It is where the road to home literally ends.  I have walked to and from and traveled to and from this road countless times.  It is now a busier street — a favorite shortcut between two major thoroughfares — but the road basically still looks the same.  Except for a handful of high-rise buildings, things are unchanged.

So in a few days, I will say goodbye to this road once again.  I am looking to return in another 2 years — give or take a few months.

I hate the “leaving Manila” part every time my vacation comes to an end.  I don’t mind the long flight home to New York so much.  It’s the people, things and places that tug at my heart each time I set foot on the airport departure area to board the plane taking me back to the place I’ve called home for 11 years now.

If you ask me, THIS is my home.  But for the last 11 years, I have started anew in the big apple — raising a family.  Someone told me there’s the career to consider — but the truth of it is, work is work.  My career is motherhood. =)  I’ll be coming home in the thick of winter, shifting from comfortably cool to horribly cold — and it’s like reality hitting me straight in the face.

Of course there will  be other homecomings… other opportunities to make that favorite trip back to things familiar and loved.