Friday in NYC

(I started writing this post early in the morning and ended it as mThanks to technology, I’m able to write this blogpost while on the way to the city this nice Friday morning, saving me the trouble of having to sneak time during the workday.  Winter has started to temper its cold blast and we’re enjoying a relatively mild day (37 degrees!) and while I’m wishing it holds and gets even warmer, it makes me a tad bit nervous  because warming in the midst of a cold spell is usually a foreboding of snow.

I’m just glad it’s Friday.  My first week back at work has been reasonably busy and while I haven’t really been in full attack mode, I’ve managed to get a few things done.  “Few” doesn’t cut it, though, or I risk being “buried” in the coming days.  January is a pretty busy time of year for us despite the general slowdown everywhere else.  (Have you noticed everyone is having their yearly clearance sale?)

My weekend promises to be a busy one, more so since I really want to clear out everything I brought back from Manila (and there wasn’t much), maybe get a few pieces for my GothamChick Etsy store finally finished, and my stocks reinventoried so I can re-open.  (I’m still on “vacation” mode.)

I’d love to kick back and just sit over a pizza dinner tonight, but my public awaits.  (Dinna’s Diner reopens!)  It was a beautiful morning in Bryant Park and I would’ve just wanted to grab a seat and linger for an hour or two and enjoy the sunrise as it crept up behind the New York Public Library.  But work was waiting for me.

Alas, none of the pictures turned out to be usable — blame it on my working with the “panorama” feature of the camera.  I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, here’s to the first full weekend of 2012.. a much needed weekend for most of us, I’m sure.