Songs from a previous life

One of my first jobs when I really started working was as a newscaster for a radio station whose station was near H.V. De la Costa Street where the law school was.  It was early morning and an hourly newscast that ended when school started in the middle of the afternoon.  Close enough for me to walk to school or commute to, so it all worked out.

There were rare instances when I was allowed to pinch hit for the regular deejays who gave up the weekend slots, and this song by David Soul was one of my signature closing songs.  That the station was a retro station made it work out just fine, and with everything pre-programmed, the only say I had really were the OPM tracks and the last song.  It was always a toss up between this one and another old time 70s favorite, “You and I” by John Davidson (which I’m sure hardly anyone remembers).  It was so ancient that in the age of CDs, the second track was on cassette which made it a tad more difficult to cue.

Those were the days when I knew what “minimum wage” meant, and when I received my salary in cash in a brown envelope.  It was a different phase in my life where I learned a lot about humility, an honest day’s work and trusting people.

Now thanks to YouTube, I can access either song simply by entering the title or the artist in the search option.

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