Pretty little heart

What do you know…  We just finished with the Christmas and New Year holidays and here comes Valentine’s Day.  Hard not to be reminded when my favorite meeting caterer, Mangia, brought me these scrumptuous heart shaped chocolate sugar cookies in their dessert tray.  They are so pretty I don’t even want to eat them!

In the midst of the crazy rush of the day which saw me calling for catering two hours before I needed it (and thank God Mangia always delivers), I see something so sweet and beautiful that makes my heart smile.

It’s all about taking the time to stop and smell the flowers or take note of the nicer things in life and pay attention.

Often, we fail to pay heed and take things like this into account.  We don’t take the time to quietly admire the beauty around us.  We gloss over the artistry in this sugar cookie which was meticulously put together by some pastry chef behind the scenes.  It’s so much easier to take things as is and just take it as something that’s strictly run-of-the-mill.

One thing I’ve realized recently is that things become routine or “run-of-the-mill” because we let them.  We stop seeing the colors in the landscape.  All we see is a carpet of green instead of the interplay of the colors of nature.  We go about our day to get it over and done with instead of savoring yet another day we get to live..  We live thinking about tomorrow instead of thinking in the ‘now’.  We see just another cookie or a work of art put together by someone particularly good at it.  And it’s just too pretty to eat. =)

I’ve been rather shallow of late.. little things make me smile and seemingly inconsequential things make me think.  And pretty little cookie hearts make me stop and look — and I actually enjoy these little things.

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