Sleepless in NYC

I had a wonderful evening chat with BFF Fe, but her laptop, as always started overheating, hence a forced intermission.  I did my dishes but the downstairs neighbor rang the doorbell as water seemed to be leaking to their unit.  (Yes, in the middle of the night.)  Nothing I could do but say we’ll call our maintenance guys tomorrow.  Meanwhile, all the discussions about coffee and laughter and the energy of the universe has kept me awake.  I’m typing away in the darkness with the tyke lying next to me.  Half awake, brain in full gear.

Fe is trying to get me to channel positive energy by ridding my mind of negative thoughts.  She says the universe can hear me.  I’m trying to absorb that thought between the itch I feel in my throat and the dry coughing, and I wonder if the universe can hear indeed.

I’m okay.  I think I’ve handled this asthma attach pretty well.  Got rid of the cold fast enough, but the congestion is still there.  I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse, because I should be back to 100 percent again by next week if I manage to catch the symptoms early enough.

Positive energy.. I went back to happy thoughts, happy emails, happy posts.  I guess you type “happy” three times and a smile does appear from out of the blue.   I just haven’t been one to patiently wait — and just sit things out and ride the asthma through to its going full circle.  More so when I hear the beating of my heart like a drum inside my chest.  If you have asthma, you know what I’m saying..

I heard from my friend P, by the way and I was so happy to hear some good news.  My cards have made it to Manila in quick succession, and she says her doctors have given her the option to rest a few weeks as her ailment has neither worsened nor progressed otherwise.  One of the baby steps that need to be acknowledged.  There’s one happy thought. =)  Just got to hold on to the “happy”.

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