Like cooking Spanish Chocolate

It’s almost midday here in New York and I’ve so far fed everyone, caught up on two episodes of A Gifted Man, worked on a few art journal entries (not quite finished yet), and I’m trying to pace myself with the rest of the day as I approach the middle of my three-day weekend.

Breakfast was Spanish Chocolate and quezo de bola.  I’ve been “simmering” here in the kitchen all morning, looking out at the sunny day outside and trying to convince myself it’s good enough a day for me to brave the cold despite the asthma.  I’m doing okay.. I just need to see if the rest of the house is up for an excursion to Target today to do errands.  I do need to go to the pharmacy at least.. need to pick up some meds and check out the valentine clearance sales. =)  I’m trying to stretch my time and make productive use of it — reminding myself to be patient, like when I wait for the Spanish chocolate to cook to the right consistency and taste.  I’m trying to keep busy and preoccupied.

Waiting has never really been one of my stronger suits but sometimes you really have no choice.  I smile at the sunshine and whisper a message to the universe as Fe says.. the universe hears and will take care of getting the message to where it is supposed to go.   I just have to radiate positive thoughts and trust that all will be well.  My brother sent me word today that things are seemingly okay back home — for now.  Some good news for a change.

“Rest your mind, calm your heart..”  I keep hearing that over and over again in my head.  P’s card made it to the other side of the world already — I have the art journal version moving on.  Those words are a much-needed source of calm at this time — and I am counting on it to carry me through.  Sometimes we can’t help but think of the worst instead of focusing on the positive.  That neither gives one’s mind rest nor does it calm the heart.  In the end all that is left is to believe that things will turn out fine.  And Fe tells me it will.