Journey Home: From New York to Hong Kong

I’m drafting a blogpost between New York and Hong Kong as I go on another journey home with a two-pronged objective of surprising my mom who celebrates another birthday this Friday, and secondly, to help conclude the negotiation of a deal that might help us solve our problems with my Dad’s estate.

Going home was a spur of the moment decision which I didn’t make lightly, except that my family back home offered to foot the fare which tilted the decision in their favor, of course.  Still, being away from my boys for any long period of time is not an easy decision to make.  I have this illusion that I am indispensable to the lives of father and son, although they attest to the fact that they will be fine without me, just as they were on two occasions before.  (When Dad became gravely ill the first time, and when he eventually passed.)  Of course I cannot help but worry, but deep inside, I know they’ll be fine.

I was actually preparing a package to send home, and had to get presents and other pasalubongs rather last minute.  I left New York with butterflies in my stomach hoping the trip was going to be worth it.  I fortunately have the time to spare at work, and the boss was traipsing around the world himself on business, so out of the 12 days  I was out, he was in the office only for 4 of them.

Despite the odds, I got a ticket at a good fare, got the nod of the boss, and am now on my way to Manila.

I am going home with mixed feelings because there’s the happy occasion celebrating Mom’s birthday, but there’s also the daunting task of helping resolve a stalemate in our situation with a creditor who is sitting on an offer of settlement we have made.  The deal has been heading south the last couple of weeks on many fronts, so we are hoping I can help push it in a more positive direction.

It’s one of those tasks that fall under things you just have to do.  Call it giving it one’s best shot, even as an act of desperation.  You try to get things moving in the direction you want and then rely on prayer and luck to get you the desired results.  You just hope for the best.

One thought on “Journey Home: From New York to Hong Kong

  1. Shay

    I am sure your Mom will be delighted to have you near her on her special day and i pray too for the best results with whatever it is that you and your family has to settle . 🙂


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