Monday Morning in Manila

I thought the sun wasn’t going to come out.  The sunrise was pretty muggy today but it looks like we’re going to have some sun today after all.

Day 6 in Manila.  I have so far accomplished at least one (or two, depending on how you count it) of my goals, which was to surprise Mom, and then surprise her afterwards with the party we threw her last Saturday.  It was a great way to celebrate her 72nd birthday.  Sometimes we still get taken aback when we realize she’s now 72 years old.  I guess to us, she’ll be forever around although we know she won’t be.  Her physique is already changing dramatically.  Fe says she seems to be shrinking… old age. =)

I was hoping to go on my promised trek to Manaoag midnight Saturday so I could catch the first mass at 5am, but I was too tired and no one could accompany me on the midnight journey by bus, so I opted to stay at home instead.  Awake by 5am, I instead opted to head to Baclaran and hear mass at the Redemptorist Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.  I went by myself, hailing a cab and tried to chase the sunrise.  I was there in 20 minutes.

I stood there.  I lit my candles.  I prayed.  I know He heard.

I treated myself to a merienda-size asado siopao and some sesame balls for breakfast (which, at 2 tiny smaller-than-golf-ball size buchi balls for P29 was highway robbery!).. grabbed some suman by the gate and then I hailed a cab back home.  I was home and changed by the time my siblings got up.

I let jetlag catch up with me until Ofie woke me up early evening.  Their turn to go to mass.  She just wanted to have me go out and stretch — so I acceded.  We headed to Eastwood where I checked out the stores in the mall while they went to mass.  Dinner at Rufo’s then home again.

I walked into FULLY BOOKED and browsed some of their goods, and came upon an anthology of quotes from Paolo Coelho’s works.  One quote in particular struck me and I copied it onto my blackberry:

“Anyone who loves must know how to lose themselves and find themselves again.” –

Paolo Coelho, from “By the River Peidra I Sat Down and Wept”

I’ve read Coelho, but not this particular book.  Might be my next Coelho read.

I was up and about until 1am.  I tried to blog but that has not been as easy the past couple of days — maybe it’s the jetlag or the stress and pressure of the things I hope to accomplish while here in Manila. =)  Might be because I’m not feeling too well…

I wrote longhand entries instead in the notebooks I have been lugging around for some friends I’m leaving them with before I go.

I packed a few things I need to drop off today — and I’m trying to arrange my schedule for the week.  Before I know it, I’ll be heading home.  Angelo was asking what happens if I need to stay longer — I told him I can’t.  My boy misses me…but not as much as I miss him. =)  Makes me want to jump on an earlier flight home which I might just do if it’s available and manageable given the meetings that need to happen sooner than soon.