Rainy Tuesday in Manila

I slept and woke up to the pitter patter of rain outside.  It’s a gloomy Tuesday.  But there are things I need to do today, like a meeting that I am hoping pushes through finally.  That would mean one and a half done, with the other half to go when agreements are reached and papers signed.

I wish I could just sleep the day away.  I lay awake most of the evening, part of it working.  (Asked to take a half day off my time off)… part of it waiting for Angelo to get home from school.. then I dozed off and woke up in time to do homework with him.  I did some writing, mostly in another blog I’ve started and in my long-hand notebooks, but sleep wouldn’t find me.  Jetlag.

Halfway through my trip, I’m trying to find a possible earlier flight, but I haven’t been lucky.  It’s a little premature to book until I see how tonight’s meeting goes.  In any case, I have a second day reserved by the weekend to try and work things out further.

I wish things were as easy as turning a switch on and ordering what we want to happen to actually happen.  But it is not.  The frustration is beginning to creep up on me, but Fe keeps warning me against being pessimistic and negative about what should be pure positive energy.  It’s just hard when so much is riding on someone else’s decision, and I have no control over it whatsoever.

I am praying and hoping for the best… wish me luck.

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