Early Saturday on my last weekend in Manila

I normally would be wanting to extend my vacation by now, counting four days left in Manila before I board the plane going back to New York on Wednesday, but this time around I find myself wishing I could hop on a plane sooner than my departure date so I can go home.  Not happening, though.  I am still counting on one more business meeting on Monday — possibly — and it’s getting a little more difficult remaining optimistic about that but I am trying.

I am trying to plan my day today which I hope to start in a half hour with a sojourn by jeep to Divisoria, then hopping on a cab to Quiapo.  (Ambitious, I know!)  I had tried to get to Quiapo yesterday with no luck.  So I figure the stores will be open today, so it should be worth the try.  I need to start getting ready to go.  I might have to go on the sly as my siblings tend to think of me as a walking target for the unscrupulous whenever I mention going to anywhere via the regular people’s route: Commuting by jeepney.  I have my outfit all set, I’ll be packing a nondescript bag, and I’ll be apportioning my money in places where they won’t get taken all at the same time.

I’m even leaving my US Blackberry just to make sure, lugging only my local reliable Globe SIM BB instead.

Let me get going and I’ll try and post something here again soon.

I do hate the thought of leaving Manila again, but this is one of those trips that make me long to be with Angelo sooner.  Time to move on..

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