Early morning musings

I started my day rather early today with a missed call at 4:30am.  The number was not ID’ing, so I texted my siblings back home in case someone was calling me from a phonecard.  I imagine it must’ve been a wrong number, because it turns out, none of them were calling.  I tried going back to sleep with no luck.

I went about my morning as usual and ended up at the bus stop rather early, and earlier still in Manhattan.  Since I am not about to go running for “Employee of the Year” by heading up earlier than my 8:30am clock in, I thought I’d sit a few minutes in the park and just watch Manhattan glowing in the sunrise.

I love Bryant Park during this time of the day when there is almost no one there to disturb the hundred of chairs that dot its periphery.  There is a solemnity to the whole thing when you view the park sans its usual crowd.  I picked a table and I sat.

Forget that the wind was freezing.  Our temperatures had plunged again today, requiring layering once again.  (Just when we thought we could put the winter gear away..!)  I just wanted to feel the wind in my face and keep quiet.  Sit still.  I snapped a few shots with the blackberry.  My camera was in my bag but I was lazy to take it out and snap away.  I wasn’t really here for the pictures — I just wanted to enjoy the park.

Akin to smelling the flowers as we are often admonished to do, sometimes you just have to stop a while and take in the view and get lost in it.

I was edgy in the morning because the subsequent meeting after I left was taking place.  I got the text message while on the bus to work that the deal had been sealed, and we had settled on an agreement to be reduced into writing by the parties by the end of the coming month.  I couldn’t help but cry when I read the message and texted my sister back, “Thank God.”  Literally, thank God.  The trip and the meetings and all the prayers worked after all.

So I sat in the park and said a quiet “Thank you, Lord.”  I looked around me, I took a deep breath and knew He had me in the palm of His hand.. and I lifted it all up to Him.