The Promise of Spring

On Good Friday, April 6, I brought my little tyke to the office as it was the start of his spring break.  It was also a short day for me since I was invoking my religious right to end the day early.  We went out for our usual lunch date but decided to eat in Bryant Park instead.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining up high but not too brightly.  The wind had a pleasant chill that made it perfect.  We sat and ate.  Before and after lunch, we took pictures.

The tulips are back.  They are abloom and at my favorite stage —  just gorgeous.  I have always loved this time of the year when the bare trees of winter sprout new leaves and the flowers of spring come out.  Manhattan comes alive with the splendor of spring.  Tulips and daffodils in all shades and colors are everywhere.  The trees sprout their blooms — and you have to catch them quick because they change hues overnight and drop to the ground before you know it.

We enjoyed taking pictures of the tulips which were almost translucent when shot from below or ground level instead of from above.  The sun shone through their petals and made them look like they were almost glowing.  See what I mean?

When it gets warmer the tulips will be gone.  They only really survive in slightly cooler but not exactly cold weather.  Just after the so called last frost of spring, they bloom.  I love them best when they are wide open and don’t quite look like the bulbs we are familiar with.  They open to the world and show their beauty even if only momentarily.  Once fully open, the tulips eventually wilt and shed their petals.

I haven’t been here much lately.  I come in, take a peek, think of what to write, then just decide my heart’s not in it.  I actually have a ton to write about — at least half a dozen stories from the trip home, and half a dozen stories again from after I came back.  It’s just that too many things have been happening, my mind (and my heart) can’t quite keep up.

The tyke’s party is just around the corner — and I’ve been busy handwriting invitations from the party place he’s having his bash at.  I think I’ve bit off more than I can chew by promising to make him polymer clay souvenirs, more so since the character(s) of the moment are not exactly rendered easily:  Transformers Prime.  Hmmmmm… Let’s see if I can pull this off.

And last week, I just realized my etsy shop, GothamChick is actually on hibernation as well, as all the products have ‘expired’ and not been renewed.  * sigh * I haven’t really been there since I went on vacation last December.  I am creating again because I want to participate in a flea market at my local church here in Bayside end-April, and maybe after that, I can resurrect the shop again.  (Maybe I should concentrate on “GothamChick” instead of “PinayNewYorker” as my personal brand? — another thought.)

At least my reading has been progressing well — although I’ve been starting books right and left and have not finished anything. LOL… the curse of the Kindle — you can just leave your bookmark and jump to the next book!  The good news is that I’m progressing well on the spiritual side — I am actually attacking this on two fronts, and I’m proud to say I’m finally reading the Bible as I have always wanted to seriously do the past couple of years.  Still not quite as religiously as I’d like to– but I’m off to a good start.

I’ve also been seriously thinking about whether or not  if PinayNewYorker (the blog) has reached the end of its journey.  Perhaps it’s time to move on to something new — not exactly blogging.  Perhaps it’s just time to give it a rest and bow out, fading quietly into the night as they say.  Still just thought — not a plan at this point.

Do I start another blog?  Do I just resurrect one of the other blogs I have which have been “in hibernation”?  Do I think of something totally new to migrate to and move houses so to speak?  Or maybe I’ll just stay put.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, and it’s just something that keeps popping up.  But when I think about how I’ve invested practically 8 years into this blog — and I’ve put so much of my heart and soul into Pinay New Yorker — it’s not such an easy decision to make.  Still, reinventing or evolving is something I’m doing right now, and as much as this blog is such a part of my life, I can’t help but put it on the block for re-evaluation as well.

New York is beginning to warm up.  Heading for my favorite part of the year which is summer — when the temperatures in my home state approximate Manila’s.  Not quite the same — but close enough.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy spring.  It’s a full season but it’s fleeting and reminds me that time passes by so quickly.  It catches you off guard, and you just find that the beautiful colors of spring are gone and the trees are bathed in green again instead of the rainbow of spring colors.  The colors remain, but not quite as dramatic a change of scenery as when the barren trees of winter transform into the magical look that spring gives the landscape.  It’s one of those things that falls into that category of “before you know it…”.

A warm hug from across the oceans – From my bestfriend, Fe

Wherever you are,

whatever you’re doing right now,

you are so very loved.

Can you feel it?

I hope so, I really do.

Because we both know

some days can be, well,

trying —

to say the least..

And although I know you’re fine

and perfectly capable

of handling things on your own,

you still deserve some moral support.

I still want to be there for you.

Rooting for you in the tough moments,

celebrating the good things with you…

caring about and supporting you

every step of the way.

So don’t be afraid to reach out

when you need me, okay?

And always remember

how dearly and completely

you are missed, appreciated,

admired, and loved.

Always loved.

Then she writes : “I love you.  Happy birthday.”  Of course I had to reach for the tissue and wipe the tears away.  Thank you for the love and friendship, Fe…

Sisters: Bestfriends for life

I have two sisters.  One, I have known for almost 45 years, practically all my life.. the other came into my life rather belatedly, and we rediscovered our sisterhood only when my father passed away almost two years ago.

Both are very special to me, but my “little sister”, Ofie, is like a half twin.  “Half” because we don’t quite look alike — but we are in many ways, joined at the hip.  While like most siblings, we have our moments when we want to grab each other’s hair and yank real hard, I have always considered my sister and I to be very close.  All four of us are — Ofie and my two brothers.. and we are pulling my half sister, Pam, into the fold.  But Ofie and I are bonded for life as girlfriends are.

My favorite story has always been how she wouldn’t hesitate to borrow my underwear or even my toothbrush,  but she wouldn’t use the same spoon I used at the dinner table. =)

When I came home to bury my father in July of 2010, my bestfriend told me that my sister, Ofie, had some health issues.  She had to have an operation to have something taken cared of, and when I left, I wrote her and asked that she take care of it soonest.  I even pleaded that I needed her healthy because if anything happened to me, I wanted her to  be there for Angelo.

The months passed until my father’s first death anniversary came and went, and when I came home in December 2011, I nagged her about taking care of it again.  Finally when I saw her this March, she said she was already having prework done.  Last week, she had the surgery, and it was more radical than even I thought it would be, and she has been very brave through it all.  I would’ve been a nervous wreck if it was me — like I am trying to not to think of my own diagnostic procedure which I have postponed and which my gynecologist then postponed and which is finally happening this week on the 12th.

We haven’t heard about the results of the biopsy but I’m praying very hard that it is nothing to worry about.  I wish I could be there when she goes back to the doctor for her post op check up on Wednesday.  I had bugged my brothers right and left about why no one was going to be there when she went under the knife except my sister-in-law.  I admonished my brother to make sure he got the explanation from the doctor about what the procedure was all about and what the findings were.  I wanted to be there.

As the eldest at 46, Ofie is 44, Abril is 42, and Nikky will be 28 soon..  I worry about them meeting an accident or getting involved in some mishap or other — but in my mind, they are healthy as can be and will grow to a ripe old age with me.  I’d still like to believe that, even now.  So at a time like this, I’m rattled.  I worry about Ofie.. I pray she’ll be fine.  I pray she recovers and heals quickly.  I wish I could be there to take care of her.

Get well soon, sis.  I’m here if you need me.  Take care of yourself because I need you to be around for as long as I am… life wouldn’t be the same without you.  I love you, Suzy.

He is Risen

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, personally, is very meaningful to me as a Roman Catholic Christian.  It is the best example to me of a promise fulfilled by my God.  A promise of redemption and everlasting life.  It reminds me of the greatest sacrifice of all to save mankind, my soul included.

Today I celebrate that promise of hope… in prayer, in my heart and mind.

I get reminded that He is always there for me.  Ever present and ever powerful.