Dear Angelo

Dearest Angelo,

Thank you for all the joy, the love, and for having come into my life eight years ago.  Mama loves you dearly and will love you forever, even when Mama has gone to heaven.  Like I’ve started telling you, I will always be with you in your heart.  And I know that for the many hugs and kisses that I have given you, you will have enough in your memory to keep you company even when you start forgetting things as an old man.

Thank you for the warm hugs, and the big, wet, sloppy kisses — for the calls that come one after another — sometimes just to tell me you love me.  I will never tire of hearing you say it, nor to have you request to sit on my lap.

You have made Mama very, very, very happy.  Happy birthday, anak.  My wish is that you grow up to be a good person, to always be mindful of others, and to grown up to be a fun-loving and happy man like the child that you are now.

Mahal na mahal na mahal ka ni Mama… (And I can hear you answering, “Mahal na mahal din kita, Nanay.”)

Love you more..


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