Falling in love with the Chrysler Building

We all try to do something to make things easier as we go through each day.  These are the things that keep me grounded between my roles as mother, EA, wife and citizen of the world.  We all have our coping mechanisms — these are mine.

For the last four years, I have had this spectacular view of Midtown Manhattan in front of me where I have watched the dramatic transformation of the Chrysler Building as the sun bounced off its radiant light against its gracious curves.  I find it most beautiful as the sun sets, when a more muted daylight hits it from an angle.  41 storeys above ground level, I feel as though I am staring it eye to eye from where I stand.

Last week, a brilliant idea hit me but which took a while to execute.  I’m going to zentangle this photo.  It’s my first large-scale attempt to produce something zentangled, and I thought to myself, it is one challenge I’m willing to take on.

I love zentangling because its a repetitive exercise that allows me to lose myself in the strokes of my pen and gives me free rein to go in any direction I want.  It calms me and helps me to loosen up — good therapy indeed.  It doesn’t involve much of a thought process except where it involves determining the pattern or design in any one given area, but once determined, it’s almost automatic.

There is something very soothing about doing repetitive artwork and watching the fine lines of my sign pen fill in spaces with black.

So I sectioned the photograph and rendered it in photocopy shadow, light enough to draw over.  Then I rendered it in a light grey which caused much of the solid spaces between lines to “disappear”.  I figure that once I am done, I will “assemble” the sections into one piece and then maybe use it as my next Christmas card. (reduced to card size).  At the current size, it’s like a regular 16″ x 20″ poster (I think).   I like working in sections, too, because it makes a “do-over” so much easier.  So far so good.

I’m taking my time as I don’t have a deadline for this.  I like working on a bigger rendition to be reduced later when completed.  I haven’t quite made up my mind if I will zentangle the backqround (perhaps in a different color) or just leave it plain.  If you want to see my progress, I’ll be posting the stages of work on the right hand side of the page under a special widget.

I’m already thinking of my next project: The Rizal Monument.