The things that make me smile

Happiness is simplest for children.  You give them a hug, a kiss, or a toy — or even just a piece of candy, and they break out into a big smile that spells “H-A-P-P-Y”.  Sometimes a random act of kindness like a kind thank you can mean a lot to a total stranger.  Me, I’ve learned to keep my “happy” moments in small buckets or pieces to make one “big HAPPY”.

So on a day like today where my zentangled Chrysler Building has progressed rather nicely (halfway done!) — and I hear from friends of old who pop in to say hello and ask how I’m doing.. or a friend passes on a tranquil picture of a forest with a blanket of fog — these things make me smile.  I remember a joke Fe and I literally laughed out loud on, or a funny expression on my son’s face — and again, I smile.

These things bring me to the end of my day with a lighter heart… they help me to get through those parts that aren’t exactly part of the happy equation (like work.. LOL).. and I know I made it through another day.