Zentangling Update on my Chrysler Building Project

One thing I love about zentangling is it’s a very forgiving form of art expression.  You can make a mistake and draw over it, or like I do, paste over it and then start work on that portion again.  I think it takes more patience than skill, so forget that my right hand is crampy now from too much detailing.  (Have I told you how addicting this can be?  It has a hypnotic effect once you get drawing!)  I am more than halfway through.

So as you can see in the two pieces I photographed side by side, I had started out with solid circle patterns on the left, then changed my mind altogether, seeing that the linear drawings (minus the darkened centers) worked better.  So I reprinted the portion of the graphic and proceeded to do the pattern I had chosen.  I had also changed the shading on the rightmost side where I had started doing concave lines, replacing it instead with a mosaic of tiny circles which I am repeating in other parts of the piece.


You don’t even know where the lines meet.  I simply cut the concave portion from the original and pasted it over, filling in the spaces with more ink.

Meanwhile, before cutting up anything, I had made 2 copies of all the pieces of this artwork using the same material which is midweight paper as a precaution.  For bigger, more elaborate pieces, I’ve found that photocopying my work as I make progress helps me to go back or rewind to a cleaner canvas if I decide I don’t like the pattern I had drawn, or if something goes terribly awry.

I am so tempted to try and put together the first two pieces making up the first two tiers, but I want to finish the bottom portion which might turn out to be the most daunting of all.  Someone walked over while I was doing one of the pieces during lunchbreak and she paid me a compliment for the drawing — telling me she didn’t know I could draw.  I told her, no I really can’t — this is art for those of us who actually cannot draw — and I think I confused her with that remark. =)  But that, to me, is what zentangling is about: organized doodling.

Zentangling helps me to remain focused and calm, and allows me to think while I go and scribble.  It’s focusing without overly concentrating, and I like the byproduct of the effort once the piece is done.  It helps me keep my mind off the asthma which is just about gone — and I know it’s exercising at least the left hemisphere of my brain. =)

Almost there!