Walking my little guy to school

Today was one of those rare occasions I got to walk Angelo to school because his Dad’s away on business for two days.  It’s one of those things that throw ourschedules kind of “off” because it means walking instead of being dropped off for him, and it means leaving for work a tad bit later for me.  (Note to boss has been sent.)

So we walked.  It’s approximately 7 minutes each way, and is a pleasant walk as long as the sidewalk is not icy in the winter.  We walk hand in hand when we cross, and he often tugs at my arm if I’m holding my tote and my purse.  My boy has grown indeed.

I ask him about his friends in school and have such fun teasing him with this girl he has always liked.  He talks to me about his current favorite shows like his namesake, “Angel”, whose reruns he catches during breakfast.  (Yes, my son is named after a vampire — but one who is supposed to be “the Champion”… and yes, he is MY champion. =)

Our walks are always a fun time for us as mother and son.  I like that he is very expressive and inquisitive.  He’s been reading chapter books of late, and has taken a fancy to Paula Danziger‘s Amber Brown series.  He’s already on his third book and I asked him if he was being assigned the books or if he had chosen them, and he said he had picked them because he liked the stories about Amber Brown.  It’s actually a very realistic and straightforward story about divorce and how a nine-year-old copes with the reality of her life and the changes brought on by her parents’ situation.  There is a lot of humor as an eight-year-old like Angelo will appreciate because there’s a lot of “snot”, “slime” and all the other silly things second graders laugh about as well.

He asks me to stay until they start letting the children in at 8am.  I asked if the other kids wouldn’t think that weird or make fun of him for it, but he seems to genuinely enjoy that Mom is right there on the sidelines with him.  My son has his own mind about what he thinks about what other people think.  Even as a four-year-old, he would ask to sit on my lap in front of other children and when I tell him the other kids might tease him, he nonchallantly tells me, “I don’t care.”

They grow up so fast.  I try to savor him growing up and then realize he is not as little as I had gotten used to thinking of him.  He is growing up with a mind of his own.  At eight, I had many hopes and dreams already.  I had my “problems” in my little world.  School was fun but was sometimes a challenge.  Friendships were beginning to get complicated, although I remember how I would play early morning patintero with some of the girls in a social hall.  By the time the bell rang, we would all be sweaty and dishevelled and would sometimes get a good scolding from our teachers for being so boyish.  =)

Mine has a thing for his red CARS jacket which he should really leave in the house now that the temperatures are milder.  But he says he likes it, and he’s not giving it up — not yet.  He is still a very picky eater, but when he likes something, he eats it day after day after day.  I love it most when he laughs hard — and his whole body shakes as the laughter consumes him. 

I like it when he holds my hand as we walk.  It fits perfectly in mine and there is the reassuring grip from his tiny hand.  One day I will look up when I talk to him instead of looking down as I do now.. even then, he will always be my baby.

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