One of those days…

Pink RoseSome days are better than others.  Sometimes motherhood can be such a challenge, and try as I might, I feel like I’m not performing as best as I can.  Am I teaching my son the right things about life?  Am I succeeding in trying to make him a good person?

It is not often but my son can drive me to tears sometimes.  In his innocent way, he doesn’t realize he has such power to tear my heart to pieces.  It’s not his fault.  Perhaps it is because I am his mother and he is my son.  He is, after all, the most important person in the world to me.  His happiness reigns supreme over mine.  It is difficult to put into words even now…  I can’t help but wonder how many such sacrifices and heartaches I have caused my own mother.  She wouldn’t have told me, like I am keeping things to myself now.  He wouldn’t understand anyway.

So I let the tears flow… I wipe them away… I take a deep breath, and I look at him from afar.  I call him to me and ask for a hug which he gives so lovingly and unconditionally.


One thought on “One of those days…

  1. Shay

    This entry has made me teary. It reminded me every heartaches I’ve caused my parents. especially now that I am getting married.


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