Feedback on Feedback

CattleyaOne thing that keeps me writing is the encouragement of readers who are here not because they know me personally (although now that they’ve read through my daily adventures I’m sure they know me more intimately), but who read because they find something worthy of a quick stop here every now and then..  They are the people who will visit because they like this blog and not because they want to find out what’s up with me, or like in the case of my bestfriend Fe, because she’s required to.  (By me, who else?)  And of course  we have the occasional stranger who just happened to find me somehow.

I don’t do it as often or as promptly as I used to, but your comments always inspire me to keep writing.  It keeps the conversation going.

Photo Cache, reacting to what I said in When the Unexpected Happens says:

“Very interesting.  It really pays to have your affairs in order.”

And the Pinay New Yorker says:

“It’s a work in progress.  BFF Fe and I just agreed that I want Donna Summer’s LAST DANCE playing during my cremation.  I want it to be lighter, not as heavy.  We often say we don’t want to think about that eventuality, but we often forget how death paralyzes the ones left behind.  It wouldn’t hurt to help them move on by making the decisions that they would otherwise agonize over.  I want it to be a good exit.  I’ve had and continue to live a good life…”

As I continue to zentangle, one of my oldest blog friends here who has been visiting my corner of the blogsphere, Lou, stopped by and left a comment when I did my penultimate post on my first Chrysler Building zentangle in Pass Me the Bouquet Please:

“I love the details of your Chrysler zentangle. I wish I could have even just half of your talent.”

And as  I always say to those who rave about my zentangles:

“It’s not really drawing, Lou — it’s just organized doodling.  Perhaps it’s my desired state of mind — ordered and beautiful and everything in its place. =)   I’m getting there.. I think.

Talent?  I think I have more determination than talent to try to find my focus.  I do enjoy it immensely.  I cannot hold a brush and paint the Chrysler Building, but I can render it in a way I can manage — with black signpen in hand.  You should try it!”

(And just to give credit where credit is due, Lou is the reason I am even in Multiply, although I am hardly there.)

I was going to skip BFF Fe’s comments (she has three and it’s really part of an ongoing conversation we have), but this one deserves a reply, when she left a comment to The Chrysler Building, Zentangled where I thanked her for the encouragement to keep going:

” Your sweet sweet fault is that you give me too much credit. I had nothing to do with ‘that’, can’t even spell it. Hahahahaha

That is really really beautiful. :)”

(To those who are reading about BFF Fe for the first time in the last few posts, Fe and I   have known each other since we were 18, and innocently walking the halls of Rizal Hall in the University of the Philippines’ Manila campus back in the 80s.  Even then, she was an inspiration already, having gone on to law school ahead of me in a different university.  We have remained bound for life as bestfriends ever since.)

To which the Pinay New Yorker says:

I merely give credit where credit is due.  Your encouragement has kept me going, even when I felt like just giving up and putting my pen away.  It means so much to me to actually finish something instead of leaving it hanging.  You deserve credit and my thanks and so much more.. =)

But inspiration from those who read my words comes in many forms, and although Shay and I have corresponded privately as well, it is through this blog that we really “converse” in an uncanny way.

Shay left this comment to the post One of those days…:

“This entry has made me teary. It reminded me every heartaches I’ve caused my parents. especially now that I am getting married.”

And the Pinay New Yorker feels a special kind of happiness at this momentous occasion that my newfound friend Shay is getting on.

“Shay, I wish you only the best.  Both as children and as parents, we always give it our best.  We don’t always succeed, but it’s the special love between mother and child, or father and child as the case may be which makes us go past the hurt or the pain.  In the end, the more important thing is to cherish the good times and the lessons learned.

Though we don’t always think we do, we make our parents proud.  On your special day, as you walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’, your parents will feel a pinch in their hearts looking at their princess all grown up — but they will also feel that sense of accomplishment seeing the beautiful person they had helped to mold through the years.

Don’t fret about yesterday.  That’s done.  Look forward towards tomorrow. =)


Thank you all for the comments.  While I had set out writing this blog again for my personal benefit, the years have seen that purpose evolving.  I know see it as a conversation with the universe in general, and you in particular.

Keep the comments coming!


2 thoughts on “Feedback on Feedback

  1. marcia

    your art is really inspiring,especially for me. I do this same kind of art. I love pen and ink. Thanks for sharing your talents .. I hope its okay that I use you as a muse and for reference.. always giving you credit.


  2. Shay

    Thank you so much for the kind words..meant a lot. One day somewhere in New York or maybe back home, we get to meet, I will be able to say “Salamat” ha. 🙂


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