Weekend musings

Work in progress: Chrysler Building 2 (as of June 2)I didn’t get to do much this weekend.  I brought home my second zentangle project but have had no opportunity to work on it.  Maybe later.  (Please refer to the Flickr widget on the sideboard to see current progress, or click here to see my Flickr Photostream.)  I have finally photographed my finished close up shot (Zentangle project 1) which I am proudly displaying on the side bar as well, although I need to work on getting it framed.

No crafting for me this week although I had hoped to do a how-to in pictures of a polymer clay pendant on antique brass.  I did manage to organize my polymer clay (polyclay) beads but failed to create anything.  Maybe this week.

It’s been a quiet and uneventful weekend.  No reading either.  (I’ve been lazy.)  There are times when it’s better to just sit and let things come as they come, and let the universe speak.   I’m trying to catch up on my favorite TV shows on cable TV.  My brain (and my body) is all fatigued from a busy and eventful past week at work.

Long, long days.  The week promises to be as busy but at least there should be a day or two when things will be “lighter”.  I am looking forward to a special performance in school by Angelo come Tuesday.  My big boy is growing up soooo fast.  I know when I put my arms around him, or when I let him sit on my lap or lean against me when we relax, he’s no longer a “little boy”.   There are days when I wish I can slow time down a bit, but there are also days when I wish I could see him a grown man trudging through college.

I’m trying to clean up my dormant blogs and take down those that have been inactive for ages.  I’m still quite torn about Pinay Francophile, but I have put that special interest aside for quite a while now.   I can’t even remember where my log in for the Motherhood blog is.  (I think I had closed it but now can’t remember my log on details.)  I want to concentrate on the web logs that I can keep writing for.   I keep coming back to Pinay New Yorker every time.  This is where my home is, this is where I will stay. =)  Gotham Chick shows promise and helps me chronicle my shop which I hope to activate again perhaps next month.

Here’s to another week of musings, art, work, motherhood and a host of other things… I want to take things easy.  I look forward to just sitting in the park and just doing that: sit.  And listen.  And see what the universe says as Fe would say. =)


One thought on “Weekend musings

  1. Shay

    an uneventful weekend is sometimes what we need from a hectic week having said this, is it weird that whenever a weekend comes and I don’t have anything to do I tend to get nervous? Good Morning Dinna! Sending you warm hugs and here’s to a fruitful week.


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