Art Journal Every Day : Rest Your Mind, Calm Your Heart

I was cleaning up my stash in my work area when I found this piece unfinished.  It had just the wordart and the blue background.  I had meant to create an Art Journal entry for it for the longest time but had “forgotten” about it.  The word art is something I’ve photocopied in black and white and painted in various forms and sizes to use as cards or what not.  One time I was experimenting with my watercolor, I ended up with a lot of the blue so I thought I’d paint the background ahead and work on it another time.

When Angelo saw me photographing the finished work, he asked me how long it took me to render it and I told him the story of the background, but the zentangling and the journaling, I told him, took one sitting in my corner the other night.  “Impossible!” he said.  And that’s my biggest fan being incredulous about my work timetable.  I try to be as spontaneous as can be so it is truly expressive of what is “top of mind” to me at the moment.  In this instance, the word art was already there, and I just needed to “reflect” momentarily on it and I wrote:

Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be still so we can hear our heart and give our mind the chance to listen… In the silence, the answer will come.


Art Journal Every Day: Rest Your Mind, Calm Your Heart

I try not to think when I do my Art Journal Every Day pieces.  (Click here for the Art Journal Every Day page from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog.)  I haven’t really been doing it every day, but this project of Julie’s is what has inspired me to do simple drawings and scribblings as a form of self expression.  Highly recommended!

I found that the signpen glided nicely on the watercolor so it went very well together.  When I started the journaling, I didn’t have any idea how much I was going to write or what I was going to write.  I like doing my lettering this way — it’s very free flowing.  The choice of the flowers as “filler” was easier.  (My favorite zentangle subject.)

I used to get daunted by the great artists who participate but I do it more for myself now and have gotten a lot of support from the Flickr Group where we share our work.  For previous posts from Pinay New Yorker, please click here and visit my Art Journal Every Day page which has a special link on the top left.


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