"About Me" updated

I don’t know about you but when I visit someone’s blog and read what they have on their site, I make it a point to read the “about me” page just to get to know the writer better.  This page had stood as is since 2010 which is a long time to keep an “About Me” Page not updated.  So today I gave it a shot.

I’m Filipina  (hence, the PINAY which is slang for FILIPINA in the vernacular.)

I’ve called the big apple my home the last 12 years. (Before that, I was in Manila where I was born and raised in Erap Country. And yes, I do live in New York City in the borough of Queens in a beautiful community called Bayside.)

I like to do crafts.
(That’s why my second blog, Gotham Chick, is about crafting — jewelry making, polymer clay, papercrafts.)

I love to write.
(It’s my form of self expression and therapy…keeps me from doing a “Sisa”.)

I dabble in personal art.
(At the moment, it’s zentangling and paper crafting)

I have a collection of postcards, pencils and Starbucks mug (but actively collect the latter only at this point in time.)

I always have my point and shoot DSLR-like camera in my purse, and I love to take pictures of anything and everything under the sun (and stars).

I love to read. (although I don’t do it as much as I would want to)

I’m trying to be an online entrepreneur via ETSY.  (Although my shop is currently on vacation.)

I dream of winning the lotto and just lounging around in the house instead of slaving away in the office.
(Yes, I do have a day job.)

I can play half a dozen or so musical instruments although I don’t own one right now.
(Anyone giving away a magic piano that can fit into a suitcase when not needed? And I mean a REAL piano, not an electronic keyboard please.)

I’m a mom to a charming and bubbly 8-year-old who wants to marry me.
(Already told him not possible.)

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