Amazed, indeed!

I caught the movie “The Amazing Spider-man” yesterday (yes, it’s hyphenated) and I must say, I was amazed.

I left the theatre with a feeling that I got my money’s worth, and that my time had been well-spent.  I marveled (pun intended.. LOL) at how they managed to generate a CGI of the Oscorp building (which is non-existent in Manhattan) and still capture the whole cityscape as if it were actually there.  (Reminds me of the “STARK Building” which was CGI’ed into the MetLife building atop Grand Central Station in “THE AVENGERS“).

As a New Yorker, I was happy with the way they presented New York sans the glam and glitz but with an awe-inspiring nightscape that gave you an authentic feel of the city that never sleeps.  I most specially liked the way they portrayed how New Yorkers can come together to make things happen towards the end — when the crane operators led by C. Thomas Howell’s character rallied together to get Spiderman to where he was going.  (That’s the New York spirit.)

If you want to see the streets I walk, the people I live each day with — look at the New York city depicted in this movie, and you’re right there with me.  I love Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-man and can’t wait for the next installment.  As Mr. Moviefone would say, “I’m in!”