Snapshots and Random Thoughts: Another perspective

Over the eve of the Fourth of July holiday when I walked across Bryant Park to take pictures of the installation on the lawn, I snapped some pictures of my side of the park from the end closer to the New York Public Library which is usually the farthest point in my pictures of the park. Not this time.

Glass Canvas: NYC shot from Bryant ParkI actually took this random shot with the installation in the foreground but with a longshot of the building at the back.  I didn’t even realize I captured a rather imposing reflection of the buildings to its left  given the time of day.  (This was taken after 3pm.)  The reflection, of course, changes depending on the weather and the angle of the sun.

Another lucky shot.

I was cleaning up the latest folder of pictures on the memory card of my trusty cam when I realized I hadn’t downloaded this picture yet, nor had I uploaded it to my Flickr account.

It’s a gorgeous canvas considering the green glass was muted by the blue skies.  This is what makes lugging my camera around everyday very rewarding.

Upon reflection I realized, too, that I need to look at different perspectives more than I have been accustomed to.  I, too, am guilty of sometimes being confined to one perspective: that of mine.  I just need a reminder every now and then.  And it makes me realize that others tend to be as “confined” — thinking of their point of view alone, instead of seeing the bigger picture so to speak.

I think I’ll be taking more walks to this side of the park this summer.  I have been meaning to photograph the front of the library, too, since it’s been a while since I last snapped some pictures from that side of the park.  If only the heatwave would let up.

So we chilled at home, Angelo and I.  (Thank God for airconditioning..)  I have been busy with my watercolor brushes.  I completed more backgrounds and actually finished a piece, but I have yet to do the actual journaling.  I L-O-V-E my watercolor pallete!  I stared at my beads and was thinking of working on something but the brushes beckoned instead.  (There is still time to pull something together.. maybe before bed.)

Meanwhile, it’s sushi and sashimi for dinner tonight. Yum!  A perfect way to end a relaxing even if hot weekend..