Art Journal Every Day: Summer

Art Journal Every Day: Summer

Don’t throw away those brown bags that your grocery and food delivery come in because I find them so useful in writing the actual journaling in my scrapbooks and my art journal.

Finally finished it.  See the artwork sans the journaling below.  And I’m trying to cook up some ideas to work with the art work that Angelo came up with at the bottom because I promised him I would post this in the blog and then work on it.  (He’s been curious about how I come up with these and hope to one day be able to produce the same thing.  I told him all it takes is practice.. and Mommy’s watercolor set.)  I like encouraging his artistic streak — I remember when I was his age, I loved to get those Disney marker sets that always came in very vivid colors and which I tried so hard not to use so generously because I wanted to keep them forever.  (But of course I never succeeded!  Using them was just too tempting!)  Well, he got me with the “I love Mom”…

This actually came from one of the backgrounds that I wasn’t quite happy with — and I painted over most of it except for the wordart which is in the original.  I know.. I buried everything else in another layer of zentangling and watercolor — and I think it came out rather nicely.  It gave me a chance to experiment with the new watercolor pallette I’ve been using, too.  Love it!

I love you, Mom

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